• Home Baker's Act: removed costly regulations and red tape off of home bakers.
  • Aerial Hog Hunting Bill:  Allows private individuals to obtain an Oklahoma Hunter's License to shoot nuisance feral hogs.
  • Removed the veteran's disability compensation payment from the earned income requirements for homestead exemptions.  
  • Passed legislation to allow state employees to opt out of costly state benefits if they had a cheaper option.
  • Helped to reform Oklahoma veteran centers to aid them in operating more efficiently. 
  • Passed legislation to help fund county courthouse security‚Äč.

committee assignments


Building a stronger district for a greater state.


  • Legislator of the Year by the Oklahoma Veterans Council; 2016.
  • Legislator of the Year by the Oklahoma Wholesale Marketer's Association; 2016.
  • Legislator of the Year by the Oklahoma Sheriff's Association; 2015.
  • Accommodation from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety for assisting an Oklahoma Highway Patrol on the roadside resulting in a large drug bust; 2012.
  • Chair: Military & Veteran's Affairs
  • Member:  Appropriations & Budget Subcommittee for Transportation
  • Member:  Economic Development, Commerce, & Real Estate
  • Member:  Tourism & International Relations
  • Chair:  Rural Caucus
  • Member: Native American Caucus